Fullerton Police Department welcomes current military reservist, national guard, and former military personnel, offering a seamless pathway into a rewarding law enforcement career. Whether you're continuing your service or transitioning from active duty, join our ranks and bring your dedication to serving the community in a new, impactful way.


The FPD provides 30 days per year of full pay and benefits for FPD personnel called to active duty military service or weekend drill.


  • Receive GI Bill benefits during academy training, if eligible
  • Full pay and benefits while in the academy
  • Military reserve friendly employer
  • Paid monthly military drill leave for the National Guard/Reserve soldiers
  • Compressed work schedule (3/12's or 4/10’s)

In addition, Military service members may be eligible for early separation from the service, up to 90 days from active duty. The Fullerton Police Department is familiar with this order and will assist police officer applicants with this process.

Expedited Transition from Military Service to Law Enforcement with Fullerton Police Department.
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We encourage open communication and are here to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to contact us for guidance, information, or any support you might need during your application journey.

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